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How do I create a campaign?

Last Updated: May 05, 2017 04:17PM EDT


Whether you’re building your first campaign or launching a new one, follow these steps to begin the process of creating your campaign in the Quick Start section. 

Step 1: In the navigation menu on the left, click “Campaigns.”

Step 2: At the top of this page, click the blue “+ New Campaign” button. You’ll end up here


Step 3: Start completing each of the fields under the “Quick Start” tab to fill in your campaign basics. 
  • ​Campaign Name and Campaign Description: Both of these fields are public facing within the Ambassador Portal, so make sure your description is detailed, but concise. 
  • Landing Page URL: When your ambassadors share their referral link, this is the URL that their link will point to. We suggest setting the landing page URL to the page where you want the referee to complete an action (such as a purchase page or a lead generation form). 
  • Make This a Private Campaign: Private campaigns are used to show a campaign only to a specific segment of ambassadors. We recommend that all campaigns are created as private. This will allow you to segment your ambassadors from the start and easily add new campaigns in the future. For example, if you have a customer campaign that is open to everyone and a second campaign for VIPs that offers a higher incentive, both campaigns should be private. This would ensure that VIPs and customers only have access to their respective campaign.
  • Automatically Approve Commissions: If you want your commissions automatically approved, check this box. Please note, approved commissions cannot be reversed. 
  • Make this a Test Campaign: All new campaigns should be started in test mode. While in test mode, test ambassadors and commissions will be deleted after 7 days. This is to prevent false data from impacting your referral program statistics. Once you’ve fully tested the campaign and are ready to start promoting it, you can toggle the “Test” button at the top of the page to “Live” to make it visible to your ambassadors. 
  • Single Event Commission: Reward types are either monetary (cash, gift cards) or non-monetary (vouchers, points, etc.). You can then set the commission to be a flat amount or a percentage. For example, if you offer a 10% monetary commission, on a $100 revenue event your ambassador would receive a $10 commission.
  • Recurring Event Commission: Recurring event commissions are rewards issued for each subsequent payment you receive. For example, if your service is subscription based, enabling this will allow an ambassador to receive a commission for every month the referee’s subscription is renewed. If you’re enabling recurring commissions in your campaign, you must select the same reward type (monetary or non-monetary) that is selected in the single event commission. Please Note: When a campaign ends, any recurring commissions will stop being recorded. 

Step 4: When complete, click “Save Campaign” and move on to the “Advanced Options” section for further customization. 

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