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What is a Commission Bonus?

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2015 02:42PM EST

What is a commission bonus? 

Commission bonuses allow you to provide additional commission tiers as your ambassadors generate more referrals. The commission bonus is an additional amount on top of the commission structure for the campaign, and will apply for each referral at the bonus threshold. 

Example: If your single event commission is set to $100, and your bonus threshold is set to award a flat $50 for 5 referrals or more, your ambassador will get $150 starting on their 5th referral. 

You will find the commission bonus feature within the 'Advanced Options' of the campaign 'Build' section. There are three different options for the commission bonus structure:

Based on total company referrals: This will calculate a bonus commission based on the number of referrals an ambassador has provided across all the campaigns which they are enrolled.

For example, if the ambassador is in a general campaign, as well as an influencer campaign the commission bonus will be based on the combined total number of referrals they have provided. 


Based on converted campaign referrals: This will calculate a bonus commission based on the number of referrals an ambassador has made in a specific campaign. 


Calculate bonuses on monthly referrals: Checking this option will reset the commission bonus each month, instead of making it ongoing.



How to add a commission bonus 

To add a commission bonus: 
  1. Navigate to a campaign's advanced settings and click ‘Add Bonus’.
  2. Using the ‘Award Type’ drop-down menu, select ‘Percent’ or ‘Flat’.
    • ‘Percent’ will award your ambassador with a percentage of the revenue from the new customer’s purchase.
    • ‘Flat’ will award a set monetary amount to your ambassador.
  3. In the ‘Amount’ field add the addition amount you want to award (not the total of the single event commission + commission bonus).
  4. The ‘Bonus Threshold’ is the amount of referrals required to earn the bonus.
  5. Lastly, scroll down and click ‘Save Changes’.

Please note that there is no cap on commission bonuses, so you can offer as many as you would like to your ambassadors. 

In the following example, once an ambassador has made 5 referrals, they’ll receive a $50 bonus.


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