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What are advanced options?

Last Updated: May 05, 2017 04:34PM EDT


You’ve set up your campaign, now customize it even further by completing the Advanced Options. 

Step 1: In the navigation menu on the left, click “Campaigns.”


Step 2: Once on this page, check the box next to your existing campaign. A blue button "Edit" will appear, click this. 

Step 3: Next, click the "Advanced Options" tab. 


Step 4: You can customize the following fields:
  • ​Start Date: The start date is set when the campaign is created. Please note, if you set the start date in the future the campaign will not be visible until that date, even for ambassadors in test mode.
  • Cookie Duration: This allows you to specify the length of time after a referral link is clicked that an ambassador can earn a commission. The duration can be set anywhere between 1 and 365 days. Please note, we recommend pushing the duration out as far as possible so you do not miss any commissions.  
  • Custom Short Domain: The custom short domain acts as a vanity URL for your ambassador’s referral link. By default, the referral link is displayed as something like By creating a custom short domain, it can instead appear as something like To enable the custom short domain, create a subdomain and point its CNAME DNS record to Please note, this feature is only available for Enterprise accounts.
  • Hide this Campaign from your Ambassador’s Portal: Do not check this box unless you want to hide this campaign and any data associated with it from all ambassadors that have access to the campaign. 
  • Enable Embeddable Snippet Tracking: Ensure this is clicked to enable campaign tracking. 
  • Recurring Commission Limits: If you’re using a recurring commission model, this is where you can set a limit on the number of commissions that will be triggered. You can limit commissions by time period or by number of renewals. If you are not using recurring commissions, leave this section blank. 
  • Do Not Award Zero Revenue Events: Check this box if you do not want to give a commission to your ambassador for a referee’s purchase that produces zero revenue, such as a free trial sign up. 
  • Welcome Bonus: The welcome bonus is optional and provides a reward to the newly referred customer. To implement a welcome bonus, the referee will need to be created as an ambassador at the time of the referral event. Alternatively, an ambassador can receive a welcome bonus any time they are given access to a new campaign. 
  • Discount Value: The discount value feature is designed to include a discount for your referred customer. Please note, this functionality does not automatically create a discount and will require custom work. 
  • Multi-Tier Commissions: This function allows you to reward multiple levels (or tiers) of ambassadors in a single event. If you enable this feature, you will need to determine the percentage of the commission, number of tiers and minimum commission.   
  • Commission Bonus: The commission bonus grants a cumulative bonus based on either converted campaign referrals or total company referrals. Selecting converted campaign referrals will offer a bonus based on the number of referrals for that particular campaign, while total company referrals will offer a bonus based on number of referrals across all campaigns the ambassador is enrolled in. 
  • Event Data: This area allows you to collect purchase-specific data on each transaction that triggers a commission. 

For example, using event data, you could track the product classification (apparel, accessory, etc.) of a purchase or the the type of plan to which a referrer subscribed (monthly, semi-annual, annual, etc.).
  • Link a Product: If you only want to award a commission on the purchase of a particular product, you will assign your product ID here. Please note, this functionality requires custom work.   

Step 3: When complete, click “Save Campaign.” 

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