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What do my custom domain errors mean?

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2016 02:56PM EDT


During the upload process, there are several errors you may encounter. See below for more information on why you may be seeing these errors, and how to remedy them. 

  • Error: The certificate file provided does not contain any certificates. The file you have uploaded may have content, but if there are no certificate chains that begin with “-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----” and end with “-----END CERTIFICATE-----” then our system cannot upload the certificate and you’ll receive this error message. Please note, if you need further guidance on the differences in certificate types and how to convert them, checkout this external resource



  • Error: It appears you have used as a custom short domain on your campaign “Campaign Name.” If you would like to use this domain as your portal’s domain, please visit the advanced settings of the above campaign and remove the domain from the “Custom Short Domain” field. In your campaign settings, you have the option to add a custom short domain to essentially replace the referral link with a vanity URL. If you have previously added the domain you’re using for your portal to the “Custom Short Domain” field, you’ll receive this error message. Please note, if your campaign is live and the custom short domain is removed, your users will no longer be able to access their referral link containing the custom domain.


  • Key could not be read since it’s protected by a passphrase. Our system can only read key files that are not password protected. If you need more information on how to remove the password from your key file, check out this external article from 


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