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Cash Payment Methods and Fees Overview

Last Updated: Sep 18, 2018 04:36PM EDT


Ambassador offers several payout methods to reward commissions that your ambassadors have earned. Cash payout methods include gift cards, PayPal or Simple Fulfillments via Ambassador.

What gift card types are available?

You have the ability to award gift cards from Amazon (U.S. and Canada) and Tango Card or prepaid cards from Visa (USD and CAD) and MasterCard (AUD, EUR and GBP). Tango Cards can be redeemed at various stores, such as Target or iTunes, or donated to a non-profit organization. 

If you select a prepaid card option (Visa or MasterCard), these cards do expire. Once payment is sent, your ambassadors will receive an email with a redemption URL. The ambassador will have 4 months to claim their prepaid card. Once activated, they'll have 7 months to use the prepaid card wherever Visa Debit or MasterCard Debit is accepted. 

Please note, all cards can be awarded in variable amounts with the exception of Amazon Canada. Amazon Canada cards can be awarded in the following amounts: $5, $10, $15, $25, $50 and $100.


What is the difference between PayPal and Simple Fulfillments?

You can easily send cash to your ambassador’s PayPal email via your own PayPal account or Ambassador's account. The direct PayPal integration provides the option to send payment from your PayPal account while Simple Fulfillments sends payment via our PayPal account. 

If you have ambassadors located in different countries, PayPal is a great option as it allows your ambassador to convert their reward to the currency of their choice. 

What fees are associated with each of these payment methods?

Gift cards do not incur any fees. The only potential fee is a $3 deduction from the card value if your ambassador opts for a physical Visa prepaid card. If they select a digital prepaid card option, the ambassador will receive a card for the full amount issued. 

PayPal fees are incurred by you, not your ambassadors. The exact fee is dependent upon whether you are using MassPay or the REST integration. MassPay is an older option that is being phased out. For a full breakdown of the latest fees, check out PayPal's Merchant Fees page

If you utilize Simple Fulfillments, there is a 5% fee to have Ambassador manage payouts. This is because we immediately charge your credit card (we pay 2-3%) and then pay via PayPal or other means (we pay an additional 1-2%). 


How do I configure my preferred method of payment?

Simple Fulfillments can be enabled here with the click of a button. On the PayPal integration page, simply click "Link Integration" and in the modal that launches, select "Use Ambassador's account (5% fee)." 

For help setting up the PayPal REST integration or gift cards as your preferred method of payment, follow the step-by-step instructions in these support articles: 

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